Terms & Conditions

 Share a Christmas Card 2023.

 Our Personal data and cookie policy and Terms & Conditions for Trollbeads.com websites are applicable at any time for SACC. If you choose to participate in the physical part of SACC, you agree that we share your name and address with 5-15 other participants in the event in order for them to send you a greeting card. Your address will be visible under “My Page” on 5-15 other participants accounts www.shareachristmascard.com/en during the period for the event. 

 We do not share other personal data than your name and address during the event and we do not share any personal data with people outside the SACC event. 

 When posting a picture of the greeting card(s) you have received, please make sure that no personal data/information such as name and/or address is visible in the uploaded picture. It is important for us to protect all personal data belonging to the SACC participants. Trollbeads A/S therefore reserves the right to remove any picture containing personal data or personal information. 

 When the SACC event is closed on 01.02.2024, all addresses will be removed from all the involved participants’ accounts. 

When participating in the SACC event on www.shareachristmascard.com, you agree that an image of the front of your own greeting card sent to other participants can be uploaded on www.shareachristmascard.com, when the recipients upload a “thank you for the card”-message. When participating in the digital part of the SACC event, https://www.shareachristmascard.com/en you agree that your digital creations will be added to the Event Christmas Card Gallery. 

When participating in the SACC event on https://shareachristmascard.com/en you provide us and our subsidiaries with an exclusive and royalty free license to commercially use both any picture(s) of your personal created greeting card(s) uploaded by another participant in a “thank you for the card”-message and your picture(s) of your received greeting card(s) that you have uploaded on www.shareachristmascard.com and your digital cards created on the platform while the event is running and afterwards. 

 We do not in any way allow 3rd parties to use the uploaded pictures without your consent.