How to get started 

Create your Trollbeads event account to register for the event. When you have registered you will get your personal Troll ID and this year you have 3 options of how to sending your Christmas Cards. 

  1. You can choose to send them physically

Participate with real, physical Christmas cards, and send them by classic mail to your Troll friends. This year, we encourage you to be creative. The official cards can be picked up at your Trollbeads retailer. In case you don’t have a retailer nearby, you can download and print from My Page. Then decorate them and send them to your Troll friends. Remember to upload an image of your cards before sending them – then you are in for the draw of one of the gold bracelets. 

Received a physical card?

IMPORTANT! Please remember to add your Troll ID to your physical cards. Every year participants forget to add the Troll ID to the cards. It is important in order to retrieve the sender and to get tickets to the lottery. You can find your Troll ID under "My Page".

2.  You can choose to send them digitally 

Participate by joining our new, digital possibility. Be creative and design your cards in the Christmas Card Art Studio on this platform, and then send them digitally to your Troll friends.  Go to "My Page" and choose "Design a card" play around with backgrounds, text and in a wonderful Christmas theme! When you save your card, it is automatically uploaded to the Gallery. And then you are in for the draw of one of the gold bracelets. 

Received a digital card? 

Keep an eye on “My page” to see if you received a digital card. Once you discover you have received a digital card, it is VERY important to press “Remember to reply and say thanks to your greeting”. When this  is done you and the sender both receive a ticket to the lottery. 

3.  You can choose to do both. 

After choosing option will receive the addresses/contacts of 5 Troll friends to whom you will send your greetings. If you wish to send and receive more than 5 greeting cards you have the possibility to ask for 5 more addresses. 

Either way choose, you will be given to 5 randomly selected Troll Friends from around the world who will write greeting cards to you 

 For the physical cards, you can find your Troll ID and the addresses of 5 (or 10 Max) Troll friends to send cards to under “My Page”.

Prizes for more than 11.000 EUROS 

When participating in the event, you have the chance of winning prizes in the lottery during December! 

In the end of the event, the Trollbeads Jury will find the best card among the uploads. There are two main prizes: A gold bracelet with beads for t best digital card and a gold bracelet with beads for the best physical card.

We wish you the best of luck in the lottery and competition of the best designed cards! We are looking forward to seeing your creative card uploads. 

Happy designing!